Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

As 2018 comes to an end, I’m actually ready for it to be over! I’m ready for new adventure but first about this year… I’m sad to say I am a little disappointed in myself for the goals that I set and did not achieve. I’m sad I failed with this blog. Well maybe not completely failed but I didn’t put out as much content out as I wanted. I only have myself to blame and honestly I just lacked inspiration. I fell in a funk and just didn’t dig myself out of it. I had plenty of topics but absolutely no drive.

2018 had a lot of not so great moments but also a lot of amazing ones as well.

I had to deal with a loss and pain and honestly with that pain came so much growth. Uncomfortable growth but growth non the less. I learned isolation only leads to depression. It’s a way for the enemy to come in and attack . I learned about greif and healthy ways to deal with it. I learned to express myself more and not keep so much in. I learned its okay to share your story. I made new friends and got close to people I didn’t think I would be close to again. Ive learned to appreciate the people in my life more.

Most importantly I learned my identity in Christ! Even though I’ve known god my whole life my relationship with him was so much more on fire this past year and It will only grow more in 2019! He’s showed me a whole new way to looking at life. To think all of this happened with one step of obedience. He tells me who I am, not the world! My favorite memory of 2018 was being baptized because not only was I able to re dedicate myself back to the Lord but I was able to show the world that I’m not ashamed that I put my faith in an amazing God and him alone.

So what am I leaving behind in 2018?




Unforgivness – I choose to forgive.

Offense – not today Satan.

A lazy prayer life

2018 can keep all the things that have held me back! I don’t want it any of it! I’m only moving forward from here!

My word for 2019 is GROWTH. I love it for so many reasons. With growth comes discomfort but beautiful outcomes non the less. With growth comes healing and I’m so ready for all of it. With growth comes expanding and I want to go wherever God wants to take me. With growth comes consistency and in ready to commitment to things again and make them happen!

I’m ready for change. 2019 is the year of prayer for me. To pray like I’ve never prayed before. It’s the year of healing for me. I believe breakthrough is coming. It’s the year I’m gonna push myself like I never have before.

I feel expansion coming in all areas of my life.

There’s no perfect life and we can’t turn back time. Every page we turn is a lesson learned. I’m believing I’ll be more on fire with my blog more than ever this coming year! I hope you’ll enjoy the chapters of my life with me this year!

What are you leaving behind in 2018?

What is your word for 2019?

Happy New Year!!

Until next time 💫

Xoxo Ashley 💕

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