Camp 33!!

I just got back home from amazing weekend adventure and my life and my perspective have been changed.

I’m about to take you on a journey so you can understand what camp 33 is and why I fell completely in love with it.

The best way to describe camp 33 is love. Honestly that’s what is it, a weekended of being loved for who you already are. Camp 33 is a FREE yes you read correctly a free spiritual retreat weekend for young adults. It’s a place where you will be loved and heard and and most importantly where you will learn about the love of Jesus.

I first heard about camp 33 through a lovely couple name Rob and Colleen. It’s no coincidence that one day they stumbled into my job and I was the one that cut Rob’s hair. I truly believed we were placed on each other’s path for a reason. Rob and Colleen and a bunch of their friends are rave moms and dads. So cool huh? Anywho, God has placed it on there hearts to go out to these raves and serve Gods people by fulfilling needs they have.

I went to camp 33 with two my friends for my birthday weekend. I wanted to spend my 26th birthday out in Gods creation chasing after him. Some might call that lame but I call it fulfilling. It was just what my soul needed.

It started Friday evening up in running springs at Rob and Colleen’s place. We met everybody and right from the start I could feel the love. These people were genuinely excited to meet us! We talked, we laughed we got to know each other. We had dinner which was amazing by the way!! These moms know how to get down in the kitchen! We received these beautiful bibles with our names engraved and had a devotional about love around the fireplace. How ironic right, about love haha!

Saturday morning is where everything started. We had an amazing breakfast and we met new people who we didn’t see the night before. Again, we laughed and got to know each other. When I tell you I laughed all weekend I truly did! So, our journey first started by getting in the jeeps and heading to Keller peak fire look out! Wow talk about a beautiful view! We did another devotional there just taking in all that God created. If you go to raves you probably know about PLUR. Each devotional had something to do with that. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. I feel as if I don’t want to give to much away because I want you to sign up and experience it for yourself! We boat, we moff road, bond and develop friendships that can last a lifetime.

I will tell you though that my favorite part was the unity trail. We worked together as a team and no one pushed or bossed each other around. We laughed and enjoyed each other’s help. I learned that I’m not meant to do life alone. God gives us guidance but he also gives us brothers and sister to come into unity with.

Camp 33 reminded me I am not alone on my walk with Christ. I don’t have to have it all together because I am a Christian. God loves me right where I’m at. Sins and all.

God definitely met me right where I was at, at church on Sunday morning. We all met for church right there in the desert surrounded by Gods creation. We went over Romans 12 and that whole chapter just kinda hit me honestly. I was reminded that yes I am a Christian and I’m all in for Christ but is the way I love some people reflecting that? With certain people who have hurt me it’s hard to still love them and want to bless them sometimes. I was reminded of my dad, I feel as if I forgave him but I’m still not acting in love towards him at times. I saw these amazing men of God that were amazing fathers and thought why didn’t I have that? God reminded me that all I felt I lacked in a father he was. He was there through everything and he reminded me I have amazing men around me I can go to as well.

To all the camp dads, thank you! Thank you for reminding me I am special, I am worthy. I am not alone. You guys made me feel safe like a daughter should. Thank you for caring for all of us.

To all the camp moms, thank you! Without you guys behind the scenes a lot of this would not have been possible. Your hearts for us and for Jesus was displayed so much it has truly inspired me.

Thank you both moms and dads for the open and transparent talks. They mean so much!

To my fellow young adults, I love you all! Thank you for the talks, the laughs and memories I’ll never forget.

Camp 33 is something I think everyone should experience. The love of Jesus is taught but not forced on you and I love that! As Christians it’s important how we display Christ. They simply want to show you what life with Christ is like and it’s up to you to decide. At the end of this IF I wasn’t already a Christian I would’ve gave my life to Christ in a heartbeat to experience such peace, love and joy like they had!

Camp 33 was an experience I’ll never forget and I’ll cherish the memories for a life time. I’ll go on to share the gospel and to share about camp 33 as well. If you have questions about God, or you’re struggling in your faith I recommend camp 33! It encouraged me in so many ways that if I typed them all you’d be reading forever! I will add their Instagram and there website below!! Give them a chance to share God’s love with you as well!!

IG : @camp.33

Until next time … 💫

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