Year In Review …

It’s 2020!! I can’t believe how fast 2019 came and went! Heck I can’t believe how fast the decade went by! Crazy to think we just entered a whole new DECADE. If you know me then you know I would’ve preferred to have this post up the last day of 2019 BUT your girl is always late. I hope this changes in 2020!

Sooooo 2019! The year of “ Growth “ if you recall last years post. Haha I get to say last year now. I’m also probably the only one that found that funny too. Anyways.. I did indeed do a lot of growing in 2019. I stepped out of my comfort zone and said yes to things I said I wanted to do and but never really did. I was saying yes to God and surrendering all so that he could heal and restore me. Exposing things that still hurt me wasn’t easy but it was the only way to deal with them and to fully heal. I wrote more than I thought I would on here which was still not nearly as much as I wanted but hey I’ll take it!

I said yes to ministry and walking in purpose. I said yes to my life being impacted in ways it needed too and I was able to help and impact other peoples lives in the process. I said yes to leadership. In 2019 God showed me that I am capable and stronger then I thought possible. He showed me who I was in him, that I’m loved, worthy and brave. He showed me that no matter what I do he’s with me and he’s for me.

Going in 2020 I’m so excited. I’ve learn over time to pray for the word of the year. Something that sets the tone. I know that if it comes from God is comes with a promise, it comes with purpose. This year I prayed and God told me this was really going to be a year of TRANSFORMATION. It’s a big word and It’s also a scary word because anything can happen. If you know me you know I’m a scared person. I fear change and stepping out of my comfort zone. 2019 taught me that sometimes you have to do things scared. So although I might be scared/nervous I’m ready for the season God is sending me in. He’s always had my back. I’m readying to transform and blossom Into all that he’s called me to be.

I have some goals I’m ready to accomplish. I’m ready to transform into my best health. I always set weight loss goals but I’m ready to be more discipline and reach them.

I’m ready to transform Into the leader God called me to be.

I’m ready to step out of comfort zone. I’m ready to leave the routine.

I know God has a lot in store me this year and all though I might not know every single detail yet I know it’s for purpose. I know I’ll face trials that will hurt but will eventually propel me towards the transformation he has for me. I’m going into 2020 seeking him more and more. Seeking his perfect will. I’m going into this year more obedient then the last. I’m ready to grow in all areas of my life. I’m ready for the BLOOM🌸

I’m ready to take you all on this process with me. I hope you’ll join me for the chapters on this year.

What did 2019 teach you? Do you have a word or some goals for 2020? What topics do you think I should discuss? Comment below!!♥️

Until next time…💫

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