Year In Review..

Happy New Year!!! Sooo.. we’ve made it another year around the sun. This was one of the most frustrating years yet to say the least but so much gratitude at the same time. I definitely left 2020 more thankful. Thankful to have beat Covid, thankful that my family is still healthy. Thankful for all the new additions and thankful that no matter what the enemy threw at me, God made sure I saw the victory. 2020 was my year of “ Transformation “. When I write my year and reviews and reflect on the past year I see just how much my word actually came to pass. We had to transform as a nation in a world wide pandemic. The way we did things, the way we acted and the way we thought. 2020 tested my faith and I’m sure so many others. For me personally I didn’t know I would enter into a season where I almost became comfortable with out God. Where depression would hit. ( you can read more about this in a previous blog post) It’s crazy though, well no not really actually because nothing is really crazy when it comes to God right but he already knew everything that would happen this year and he knew I would eventually come home where I belonged. It took some deep digging and some transformation of my heart to realize that God was there through everything. He never left my side. I just stopped seeking him. I learned that, that was something I never want to do again. God showed me so much in 2020. He showed me that I am loved by him and his love will never run empty. It only gets sweeter and sweeter. This year I started a new job and through this job I’ve been able to see more and more of God’s grace and mercy and the transformation I was meant to make. I’ve grown so much and stepped outside of my comfort zone and I’ve done things I only thought about doing but never actually did. I decided to be more intentional. Through everything that has happened this year, God has shown me that he will not strengthen me for a battle he didn’t call me to fight. See the weapon was formed but it definitely didn’t prosper!! Can I get a AMEN! LOL. The enemy thought he had me BUT GOD showed me that HE NEVER FAILS and he only knows how to TRIUMPH. With 2020 ending I feel God saying go into 2021 expecting! So the word of the year is “ EXPECTANT “ . I know God is going to continue to refine me and move in mighty ways. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I’m going to grow so much this year. In my finances, in ministry, and in my spiritual and personal life. I’m EXPECTANT of all these things. God is saying even with the minor setbacks to start again. Start praying again, start EXPECTING again. I’m so excited to enter into this new season and leave the old behind.

I was going to write about some of my goals for this year but I chose not too. It leaves room for another post!! Yay!! I say every year I want to post more and this year I’m expecting to put more content out!! I hope you will pray that with me!

As you enter 2021 remember this, you’re loved! You’re worthy, you’re fearfully and wonderfully made and God is so proud of you!! Go into YOUR year and crush your goals!! All things are possible with Christ. (Phil. 4:13)

I would love to know what you learned in 2020 and if you have a word for the new year! Comment below!

Until next time! 💫

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